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camera and pin setter adjustments


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  • camera and pin setter adjustments

    What do you guys find to be the best camera and pin setter parameters settings to be? I'm trying to get rid of most respots. Most of our linage is league bowling and around 60 percent of my calls are respots. We currently have bowl land x with the t vision cameras and 82/70 pin setters.
    Current pin setter settings are
    1st ball delay 0
    first read 2.5
    2nd ball delay 0
    second read 2.5
    delay 15
    cm 30
    level 30
    reset time 13
    camera parameters are check regularly and they don't seem to be moving.
    From what I have seen a majority of the respots are single pins. This is from the pins wobbling or moving causing a miss count and a score correction, not so much a pin setter issue more a scoring issue.
    Any input would be great.
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    Not the same equipment but settings should be similar. Note long "Reset" time as I have slowed machines down to sub-A speed. I do Not have TDM's. Qubica sets the triggering time. Need to have at least 3 Seconds before Scissor deck on first ball, or rake sweep on second ball contacts pins. (From the rule book: There shall be a minimum of three seconds between the time the ball reaches the pit and activates the cushion or back stop and the pin table descends and contacts the standing pins.) I do not have 90 degree over-travel so the 0.1 2nd ball delay.

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