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Odd lane scoring, but no cycle


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  • Odd lane scoring, but no cycle

    I have a single odd lane that intermittently fails to cycle or even see the balls go by. The even lane on same F-box, XLMP and T-vision board runs perfectly.

    This lane can run perfectly 1-2 hours, but eventually it fails daily.
    Until today, the way it normally fails is that it just doesn't cycle at all when balls go by the T-vision.
    Today, however, while it is in its "fail-mode" and the lane closed i was shooting a couple of balls with no reaction at all (normally, our lanes cycles when the MCU is set to on). Then I opened the lane, entered my name, the machine reset and put 10 new pins on the floor, just as normal.
    Then i shot the first ball - scoring worked, but no cycle of the machine. No sweep or table motion.
    I shot second ball, got my score and then the machine cycled and put 10 new pins on the floor.

    Can anyone try to lead me to which component of the scoring that could be faulty? I have changed the F-box and XLMP.

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    Are you getting 'ball speed', if yes then you probably have a bad ball detect (i'd guess rear) that is sticky. If you watch it you will see the LED will stay on for seconds not just a blink.To bypass remove the 3 wires on the t-vision board and fit a jumper where the black and blue wires were. Look for t-vision and f-box on the QAMF portal...


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