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  • qubica newbee

    New to this scoring system. Does the mechanical .reset switch not function with this system? I have a2's. Also, what do you check when rake does not sweep?

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    The answer to your first question is maybe. It depends on how the reset was wired in. Most times, the reset's on the ball return are left in tact and functioning but I have seen them removed. That's easy enough to check up on and we'll come back to that issue.

    As per the second question, it depends on what you mean. Is the rake dropping and the machine cycling but the rake just doesn't sweep. If that's the case it could be several things from a simple adjustment to a bad sweep hook bearing in the detector. Please clarify a little more on this problem.


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      exMech, ball hits pit cushion and drops rake and nothing happens, pinsetter just sits there Can hit reset button and machine cycles and rake sweeps as normal. It's like a no ball detect or no rake down signal. Am starting to work in a 20 lane center and none of the machines will cycle mechanically. only by reset buttons or when ball passes camera sensors.


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        This should be a fairly simple fix. It sounds like you either have bad wiring or the trigger switch is out of adjustment.

        So as to not make assumptions about your system, can you tell me a little more about your trigger setup. Most likely, you have a trigger switch mounted in the electrical box (see pic below) that triggers the time delay module (tdm) (see pic 2 below or similar) when the rake drops. This sets the time delay into action which triggers the pinsetter at the appropriate time.

        This is of course an assumption. You may have scoring that provides the trigger signal and things would work differently. So fill in the blanks if you can. Take pictures inside the electrical box if you need to in order to explain what you have.

        Since you can trigger the machine with the reset (presumably the reset on the back of the machine) then it looks like the high voltage side of things work and you are simply missing the signal. When we find out the tdm you are using I can tell you how to test for the problem. The more the information the better.

        Edit. Sorry forgot the pics again. Twice in two days. WOW
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          Qubica installers unhook the rake drop switch and add the cycle signal from the scoring in parallel with the cycle buttons. Qubica builds software adjustable time delay into the scoring so the delay in the TDM is not needed. If you go into the box and hook up the rake drop switch you will fire the cycle solenoid twice per cycle.
          If you roll a gutter ball slowly past the ball sensors you should see one sensor and then the other light up as the ball blocks the beam. If one sensor stays lit all the time because it is out of adjustment it should still cycle and score but use a default time delay instead of using ball speed to calculate when to cycle. If one or both sensors are loose or at the edge of adjustment strange things can happen. Check the ball sensors and then stand on one edge of the capping then the other near the camera to see if the lights stay off.
          Now that your ball sensors are adjusted let's go behind the curtain wall. Do you have Six boxes or F boxes on your curtain wall? We have a thread for each in the technical reference and you can tell which you have by looking there. I'm only familiar with Six boxes on these pinsetters so I'll give a bit of the explanation here for them. Remove the top cover. Replace it later with clear plastic if you wish. Now when someone bowls you get to see a cool light show when a ball passes the sensors and then the cycle LED will light to show that Qubica is sending a cycle signal to the pinsetter. If it lights and the pinsetter doesn't cycle the only test left is to remove the bottom cover of the Six box and jumper the two cycle wires for that pinsetter. The terminals will be marked CY and you can follow the wires by color code back into the pinsetter electrical box. If jumping those wires doesn't cycle it, the problem is not the scoring and you can take the question to the pinsetter forum.

          One more thing. If the scoring detects power in the second ball light circuit and the scoring is expecting a first ball it will cycle and not show a score as the scoring tries to get back in synch. This feature can be disabled for testing by unchecking "2nd lamp" in the pinsetter parameters for that lane at the front desk.


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            mr.badwrench, I think I have F boxes because machines have the NPS boxes. Not sure but will figure it out. It seems like I might have a sensor problem. Thanks for the input!


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              It's been a while so I can't give you specific advice. There is a Conqueror setting called short cycle or something like that. Find it and uncheck it. It may fix your problem.
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