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Pros/cons of current scoring systems


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  • Pros/cons of current scoring systems

    (Not sure which forum this should be in, as it's not specifically related to any particular manufacturer).

    I'm in the early stages of exploring new scoring to replace our AS90 scorers. I've talked to Qubica about both BES-X and QScore, and to Brunswick about both Sync and refurbished Vector scoring. I haven't really looked into options from other companies.

    Those of you currently using one of those systems: Is there anything I should know, positively or negatively, that might be helpful in my decision? We're a 24-lane center, about 50/50 open vs. league play.

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    The only system that I have experienced from your list is Qubica.
    I can't recall any major faults or ongoing problems.
    I guess the best endorsement for this system is, it was installed in 1999 and is still in use every day.
    The VDB hard drives have all failed and been replaced, and failed again. But I put this down to be worn out rather than a fault. All hard drives have a short life span.
    Easy to navigate, interfaces with everything seemlessly. Easy to diagnose problems and to adjust hardware and software.


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      BESX is expensive but if it were my center I would want the best. And it terms of multiplicity of features I would say BESX is the best. You will want the F-box option to retain the functionality of your tenth frame solenoids. The tech support is excellent. We have had few problems other than at the beginning. (we were one of the first centers to get it and it took them some time to work the bugs out)

      You're going to spend a chunk of money no matter what system you buy. I would opt for spending a little more now rather than wishing you had later.
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        I would check out Computer Score. They added NPS functionality recently and is more of a simple and more user friendly system. There systems show a playback of your shot from an overhead camera over the approaches(optional) and from the camera unit on the capping.


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