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    my appologies if Ive posted this in the wrong area, this is my second post on this site, Ive got a 10 lane center ( 5 pairs ) and on lanes 3&4, I am having a problem with the color being off on lane 4's monitor, I talked to a tech from Buffa, and he suggested it could be a bad hard drive in the vdb, so I swapped in a refurbed vdb and the color is still off, there is no red on the splash screen on bootup, and no litttle red square on the first row of writing on the boot up screen, can anyone offer any insight or trouble shooting on how to correct this issue or at least narrow it down.. thanks in advance for any help!
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    anyone able to give some help? it seems the color red is not being communicated to the monitor at all.. any idea what could cause this issue? I am currently in the middle of installing the vdb on another pair of lanes to see if it has the same issue, even tho Ive already replaced this pair with a newly refurbished vdb.. just wanting to rule out the possibility of having a miraculously small chance of getting a refurb with the exact same issue that i originally was having..


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      You swapped the VDB with a new one and the exact problem exists so did you swap the monitor and cable to see if they were the problem. Unplug the cable from 4s monitor and plug it into the port on the vdb for 3 and from 3 monitor and plug it into 4 port. Then if the problem exists on 3 then the problem is in the monitor or more likely the cable. If the problem is in the monitor or cable swap just the cable and see what happens. If if follows the cable then it's the cable.


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        Is the monitor plugged directly into the VDB or is there a converter box between them? If you have a converter it may be bad or may even get better if you unplug power to it and plug it back in.


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          image.jpegexMechmr.badwrench Thank you both for your responses! I didnt have my notifictions set properly to realize you both had offered suggestions to help. I came back on to post that I have finally found the issue! We had just recently upgraded to flatscreen monitors, as we had a Fenice F28ac110 die and could not find a replacement anywhere.. Also we had a pair 3&4 to be exact that had abit of a color issue on the monitors on that pair.. So when we installed the new flatscreens and conversion boxes with a certified Qubica tech, this color issue became extremely apparent and we initially thought it wasnt the monitor and was a bad hard drive in the VDB.. So after tracking down a new VDB as we did not have a spare ( yes i know shame on us for not having a spare on hand ) I then installed the refurbished ( by the Q ) vdb, and the color issue was still there.. I speny all morning on the phone with the techs today trying to solve this issue, and swapped out everything on that pair that was not new, and still had this issue.. I had asked many times " could it be the wiring harness " and was told that because the issue was there before it would not be something that was new.. And was told that I would recieve a call back from a tech on the coming monday.. But I still wanted to try to swap the new harness, as i had swapped vdb's from a working pair, a conversion box from a working pair, basically everything in the system except for the brand new wiring harness.. So for piece of mind, I took the wire harness for the conversion box to the vdb from lanes 1&2 and swapped them onto 3&4 and the harness from 3&4 and swapped that onto 1&2.. And sure enuff the issue moved with cable.. But i honestly dont blame anyone for this as that would be the last part I would have suspected was the cable to be faulty as it is brand new.. Especially because we had an issue with color being off on that lane from the old monitors aswell.. I cannot believe the fluke chance of that happening and us happening to use that faulty cable on the pair that had the worst color difference of all of the old monitors... The odds are soo small..
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            What a great community we have here!! If I did not find the issue today before reading the comments from mr.badwrench and exMech I would have found the issue with their help!! Cant thank you guys enuff!!


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              Originally posted by PileUpParsons View Post
              What a great community we have here!! If I did not find the issue today before reading the comments from mr.badwrench and exMech I would have found the issue with their help!! Cant thank you guys enuff!!
              I only find one fault in your troubleshooting. If the problem is on 1-2 swap one part to 3-4, another to 5-6, another to 7-8 and keep track of where you swapped it all to. That way if the problem disappears when you swap parts and shows up the next week on another lane pair you know what part to suspect. Yes brand new cables can fail just like brand new anything else.

              I had a pair of monitors go dark recently. Found the external power supply for the converter box (different model from yours) was sending 2 volts DC instead of 5 volts DC.


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