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VDB Repair ?


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  • VDB Repair ?

    Anyone repairing VDBs? I just purchased one from Q. There has to be a better way. Ive got 3 that are working fine but show an error 1 when powered up so I have to force an upload instead of them rebooting on their on. Ive been told that could be a low battery issue but It also could be a hard drive . Thanks

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    VDB will work without the hard drive. The hard drive only stores the animation graphics.
    I've never replaced the battery but I'm sure you can purchase the battery through a local distributor.


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      I think I can piggy back a battery in there but as we know if I do Qubica wont be happy. lol. At this time they all working fine except on startup . I do have two spares that have issues that need repair. Its so dang pricey to send then to Q . $1200 bucks each after core credit. No way they should hit us that hard .


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