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  • No Auto or Manual Adjustment

    As of last night we have yet another scoring issue.

    Lanes 5&6 are scoring incorrectly.

    When you go into technical set up, the dots seem to be way off but auto adjust and manual adjust are greyed out and neither can be clicked on.

    We switched boards from a set of lanes that we knew was working - no resolution to our problem

    Checked/tightened all bolts/connections - no resolution.

    Any ideas?

    I did read on another post that some people had this issue when the area was too bright. We do have new deck lights installed on lanes 5-12. We are going to tackle the lights tonight and see if that fixes our problem but wanted to see if there were any other suggestions.

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    Are both lanes open for bowling? After you switched boards, did you check the lens adjustments at the camera? With both lanes open and on, and a full rack of pins on both, what light level does the camera board read when you press the SW2 button on the odd lane side of the camera board next to the SX display? You may need to adjust the aperture on older cameras, or recalibrate if using the newer Okkio camera. Check the manuals available at the QAMF customer portal. I think the correct range is 5-8 with 7 being ideal. Too much light going into the camera washes out the image. Too little light going in and it won't be able to see the pins. This adjustment can affect Conqueror's ability to enable auto adjustment.


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