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What do you think of the Qubica scoring system?


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  • What do you think of the Qubica scoring system?

    Our center is considering the Qubica scoring system can you all give us your thoughts good and bad about this system.


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    Re: What do you think of the Qubica scoring system?

    I'll keep my comments out of this... I get nasty calls from Qubica when I start spouting off... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/laugh.gif[/img]

    It's a good system, easy to use at the counter and out on the lanes... software runs pretty solid, and the graphics are very pleasing to the eye... I have issues with some of the observed life expectancies of the hardware, and with the support/parts department... supposedly a lot of it is 'growing pains', but my opinion is that they rushed to get thier fingers in as many bowling markets (scoring, mask panels, concourse area, etc...)as they could, without making sure they had the manpower and resources to back it up... time will tell, I guess...

    Read back through some of the previous topics and posts in this area, and you'll get some info...
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      We have the qubica conqurer system in our center now for 5 yrs,and i wired the machines to short cycle...the system is great and i have had very little problems at all. A good system!


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        Had it in for just over a year now and basically I really like the system. Its easy for the staff to figure out and use, easy for the bowlers and the BES part of it is awesome, and from the tech side it is very solid and pretty simple to setup and troubleshoot.

        We had BOSS and I like this way better.


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          I agree with tablejam Have worked on qubica for the last 6 years and very little trouble out of it.


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