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  • BES Scoring System

    Morning All.

    I'd first like to thank everyone for their posts. I have gotten a ton of good information off of this board.

    My question is simple. Does anybody have the BES system installed and how do you and or your customers like it? Or if you are not an owner and have bowled on it what do you like and dislike?

    We are proposing a brand new facility near Reading, PA and we have a Qubica "house" quoted including the BES system.

    Any comments good / bad would be grealty appreciated.


    "If you hesitate you will lose"

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    Re: BES Scoring System

    I see there are no replies at this time.

    One suggestion:
    Call 1-888-495-2300 (Qubica Sales) and speak to Skip Hintz.

    He can refer you to some of our current BES customers so you can get the information you are requesting!

    Kristy Sutton
    Technical Support
    Qubica USA
    Lake Hamilton, FL


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      Re: BES Scoring System

      Ihave had the BES installed since November of 04.

      Generally I am very happy with it. The only issues I have are:

      Most of the games are unusable due to the adult nature of the graphics.

      Thier developers chose to ignore standard windows functionality. Specifically in the frequent bowler program it looks like they took the toolbar from a media player. I had no idea that a round button was to save. Also the use of right hand mouse pop up for searches is non existant. It makes it very difficult to train people that are familiar with computer software.

      Please give me a call at 570 253 0445 if you would like to discuss it further or would like to come up and look at the system. We are close to Scranton PA.


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        Re: BES Scoring System

        I am fairly new to the quica world. I have BES, and am still learning about the system. From what I have seen so far, like any new system there are minor glitches here and there. Qubica has been working very hard to rectify them. I also have been told that there earlier versoin also had glitches, as has every system that I have ever encountered when brand new. Once those glitches were ironed out, the system basicly became bullet proof. I expect that once we get over this initial hump, the system will become very reliable..all the problems we have had so far have been minor, and i am overall happy with both the product, and the support. It dosent have many componants to worry about, and if you have to change something, it is relitivly simple. Adjustments are easy, and camara targeting can be done from the desk by your desk personel...One recomendation, if you go with it, buy the mechanic computer...that way your machanic can flag lanes for repair, and do system maintaince from the back.


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          Re: BES Scoring System

          Thanks for the posts.

          Kristy, I am working with Glenn Keenan out of Philly for my equipment. I was looking for user comments on BES. Glenn has been more than helpful towards my questions and comments.

          I hoping to visit a Qubica center soon.

          Thanks again.
          "If you hesitate you will lose"


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