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  • xlmp?

    Our center has the xlmp interface to communicate with the 8290 chassis. I know what the purpose is: giving the chassis scoring information so it can make a short or strike cycle etc.
    The cable connected to the chassis is named aps and was formerly splitted in a p10 p11 cable connected to the cwc accuscore.
    I'd like to know if it is possible to replace the older 8290 for a 90xl chassis with the same connections to xlmp?
    The 90xl has a scoring cable connector which is, what I know, different from the 8290 chassis aps connection.
    Do I need a amf aps box? or is it possible to connect the 90xl scoring cable directly to the xlmp? I see 2 connections on the xlmp. One, now in use with 6 contacts to the pinspotter chassis and one, not in use with 4 contacts. Can I use the 4 contacts for the 90xl scoring cable? Big mystery for me... [img]/content/btubb/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/confused.gif[/img]

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    Re: xlmp?

    I think it depends how old your XLMP as to which software it has in it. Check with Qubica on this, you can tell from the way the light flashes when it boots. In most cases you should just be able to fit a new cable. On your current XLMP connection you use JP1 which is a 6 pin connector. The connector next to this is a 4 pin connector which is the one you will use for the 90XL connection. You need a 9 pin D connector to connect to the chassis and it is wired:

    XLMP D Connector
    Pin 1 Pin 8
    Pin 2 Pin 4
    Pin 3 Metal Case of D Connector.
    Technical Manager
    Bowltech UK Ltd

    Warning: The above post may contain sarcasm,


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      Re: xlmp?

      Very usefull information! that brings me a step further. Thank you very much!


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        Re: xlmp?

        I can't answer this question, but our installation specialist would certainly be of assistance here!
        leakonlane: Please call 888-495-2300 (when power is back on in Florida due to the hurricane) and contact Grant. He will be able to explain exactly what (if any) modifications would need to be made!
        Kristy Sutton
        Technical Support
        Qubica USA
        Lake Hamilton, FL


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