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VDB errors.


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  • VDB errors.

    Recently i got on startup an VDB model 99N a HD error no.8 .
    In the error list they didn`t provide any useful information about that.
    Could anyone help me?The scoring sistem is Qubica and the program for it is Conqueror latest version.
    I tried to upload again the programs to the VDB but didn`t work.
    It seems i loose all the animation and sounds.
    Thanks and best regards

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    Re: VDB errors.

    Animations are stored on the hard drive and with the error message the hard drive isn't working. You can disassemble and be sure the hard drive is plugged in but your next step is probably to get a replacement VDB.


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      Re: VDB errors.

      Thanks for the info.But why is necesary to get another VDB?The hard disk seems to working.Isn`t possible to reload the data to the hard disk?


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        Re: VDB errors.

        If it fails to upload from the desk(office) you will have to try VDB.If the hard drive was okay it would probably take the upload...


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          Re: VDB errors.

          Years ago, Qubica was willing to ship just a hard drive. Now I believe they will only ship a VDB. I haven't tried buying a hard drive elsewhere and copying from a good hard drive with Drive Copy or Norton Ghost.


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            Re: VDB errors.

            Is that a new VDB or an old one? If it's new, was it properly addressed when it was installed? Mr Badwrench is correct. Qubica send the VDB as a package, not as a separate items.


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              Re: VDB errors.

              Thank you all for yours answers.
              The VDB isn`t new.An other tech guy advice me to verify the harddisk by changing with a new one.But still doesn`t work.The hardisk seems to be protected.If you try to change it ,you got this error always.If you try to copy an working hardidsk to a new one to replace the old one ,you fail.You got the error again even to the hardisk that is working and you try it to copy.
              On the harddisk are stored the animation files an the sound files too.
              Now ,the VDB is working but with no sound an animation.
              The upload function is not about those things.
              Why Qubica don`t offer an on line solution for that?is most simply to do an upload on the internet even if you pay for that instead to send the VDB to them.
              So don`t try to get out the harddisk from VDB.
              If is an any chance to find a simple solution that could help me...
              Thanks again.


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