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Qubica BES or Steltronic??


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  • Qubica BES or Steltronic??

    Hi Guys,

    I am pretty new to Bowltech and in fact this is my very first post. Anyways, I have just purchased a new center and am looking to upgrade the scoring system. I currently have Brunswick 2000 in there and am looking to install either the Qubica BES or Steltronic system. I really like the graphics of the Qubica, but would like to hear from some of the users in the world. Can anyone tell me the pros/cons of each? Thank you so very much!!

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    I would also be thinking long term on component cost, once the warranty expires on hardware. See which system is more friendly to the wallet if a component needs replacing down the road. Many of the systems offered by the smaller players use off the shelf components instead of proprietary hardware that can be costly.

    Just think, System X may have alot of bells, whistles, and fancy cartoons, but System Y keeps score just as well, but may be lower in cost to maintain. I would check around with different centers and get opinions on all aspects of the system, especially the behind the scenes stuff.
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      Agree with ya Kat - where is a few others that can be looked at in todays market.

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        Let's not forget tech support service. What is the charges for support?

        I can say from personal experience, Ty at Steltronic is tops.
        I can also say from experience, AMF will not help you in any way if you don't pay for extended support.
        The folks at 12 Strike work very hard to keep customers happy.

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