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Adjusting camera to detect pins


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  • Adjusting camera to detect pins

    Could someone tell me how the cameras are adjusted to detect pins? I am considering using this on my mini-lane but the US rep for Steltronic was never able to answer my question of IF the system could work on mini-pins. I've now learned a little more about scoring systems and if pin sensing adj. is done via a computer I may be able to use this system. I've checked the Steltronic website for a manual and there is none available for download.

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    Good luck on getting info on any scoring companies electronics and software. Most of the reps and techs have a confidentiality contract
    Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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      Originally posted by A-RON View Post
      Good luck on getting info on any scoring companies electronics and software. Most of the reps and techs have a confidentiality contract
      I chatted with US bowling, Brunswick and Quibica tech services. Looks like none of them will work for my needs. On a side note, I have made progress using the mini-bowling scoring system I have. At this point I wont be needing to purchase a off the shelf scoring system after all.


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        What about Computer Score or Touch Score? I know from the trial version of Touch Score that it works with many different forms of Bowling.


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          As far as camera based systems, I figure you need to talk to a photographer about maybe getting a macro or some kind lens in front of the factory camera and getting closer to the pins so it looks the same to the computer as scale. Be some work. But if the lane is to scale. Just need to get the camera to see to scale.

          Just a thought. Good luck


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            If you are using a bowling scoring system on your mini lane, you should be able to calibrate the camera to your mini pins. What will be key is the distance from the pins so you can see all 10. You don't have to calculate anything, just look from the position of a camera with one eye closed - move for and aft to get to the position where you see all 10 pins with some separation.
            It will end up being a calculation. On my Qbowling lanes, they were 1/3 scale. ( see here) So instead of being about 155" from the 7-10 line, my cameras scored just fine setting about 51".
            I hooked up AMF scoring (Plus and XL) as well as Steltronic and a Korean brand.
            This post is not an unpaid promotion of my business.


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