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Steltronic CRT monitors? + WINS software?


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  • Steltronic CRT monitors? + WINS software?

    I have seen these at my local bowling alley before they switched to LCD. They look a lot like the brunswick vector system and frameworx monitors, but have a rounded look like the original iMac. From what I can gather, these were "steltronic win vision monitors" but it seems like these monitors have vanished from the steltronic websites entirely. If anyone who has these monitors still would be willing to identify them better for me (model numbers, chassis manufacturers, etc.) I would really much appreciate that. I also was wondering if it is possible to get the WINS software without getting an elex system. I know this is outdated stuff by now, but from what I remember, the bowling alley that I live near to had the WINS software and steltronic monitors not too long ago, and I just want to get some information on them.

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    Sounds like your talking about the "pod" style CRTs. We had these (Hanterax crts) before we upgraded. Check out the website, click on FAQ, you can find the manuals for their WINS system.


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      Hey guys,

      The attached images in this reply show our Steltronic CRT monitors (front and back) side views. These monitors had two versions of RGB boards installed, one of them was from Italy (Hantarex company) and the other version had Sharp Image RGB boards.

      As you know, parts for these RGB boards are nearly impossible to find because the CRT monitor companies have discontinued them due to LCD monitor production.

      Steltronic in California has direct LCD monitor replacements for these CRT monitors, whereas we have a new bracket system to hold "any" flat screen LCD monitor because we use an adjustable system that adapts to the VESA standard bolt patterns.

      Steltronic Parts:
      (909) 971-9656 ext 3
      Contact Steltronic automatic scoring systems along with driving directions and Google maps, Steltronic email, phone, and fax numbers.
      Jim Osdale
      Steltronic USA


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        Steltronic CRT images
        Attached Files
        Jim Osdale
        Steltronic USA


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