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  • Missing a monitor

    Hello All (Especially Jim Osdale or any Steltronics tech),

    I should preface everything I am about to type with the statement, I am a 82/70 guy, with AMF ACCUScore+. I am not completely computer illiterate. I have been elected to work on a residential installation with two lanes. The pinspotters are 82/90xl with silver chassis, and Steltronics scoring with Stand Alone and API boxes. Here is some what I believe to be pertinent information that comes up when turning on things and booting (In no particular order):

    "Steltronic mpLoader v4.21 IBCMS
    "Steltronic LM16-v1.13.26
    "Lane #1 without server"
    "Detection Linear CCD"
    Free Mem 64575
    "API Version: FA (Wins API):"
    "Pin Det ver: CA"
    "StandAloneMode: 1"

    The issues have been, pinspotters not coming on, and monitors (usually the even lane) not coming up with a picture of any kind. I have swapped the chassis with a known good one, and the pinspotters come on now as they should. I still have the issue of no picture on the even monitor. The monitors are what look to be around 42" flatscreens, Steltronics logo on the middle bottom on the unit, with a led light power indicator located on the right, bottom of the unit. It appears that the signal for the monitors comes from the Stand Alone box (in the form of a CAT5 cable) to a small box behind the monitor. The other side of the small box has what looks like a typical VGA, serial looking cable that plugs into the monitor. So, I am assuming the small box might be a signal convertor? Anyway, one other thing I have noticed is the LED light on the bottom right of the monitor stays amber even after everything boots, while the one odd lane turns green.
    We can bowl one frame on the even lane (one without a picture), and using the same keystrokes to turn off the odd lane, we use on the even lane, and they shut down normally.
    If I can get the picture up on the even lane, I would be good to go. I am about to try swapping the "convertor" boxes, and running a new Cat5 to see if then I get a signal to the even lane (one with no picture). Believe me when I say, I am open to ANY suggestions.

    Thank in advance,

    Leyton Collins


    Sorry for the novel.

    Leyton at Tahoe

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    Does anybody from Steltronic monitor this forum?
    Leyton at Tahoe


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      Jim just posted in here a couple of days ago.

      I will shoot him a note.

      Mike Wilson
      Bowl-Tech Inc.


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        Hello Mike,

        Thanks for the shout oout. Hope it helps.

        Leyton at Tahoe


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          Give the guys at Steltronic support a call. Their tech support is excellent, and free. (909) 971-9656. I also have a 2 lane stand-alone that I service, this one has A-2s though. I'm sure that there is some settings in the VLC that may be set up wrong. If the VLC can connect to the internet, Steltronic can access it remotely.


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