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Steltronics - Scoring Problem Wins 6.2.1 Brunswick Converted A2s


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  • Steltronics - Scoring Problem Wins 6.2.1 Brunswick Converted A2s

    Trying to help a friend with his Wins 6.2.1, Silver APIs, on Field Converted A2s, Never worked on Steltronics. Even lane will sporadically quit scoring. Odd lane works all the time. Checked Camera signal at Main CRT. Both lanes look acceptable. All lane sensors have Red LED continually "On" until you break the beam with the ball. Main cable from API to Camera is good - No damage. Powered down the unit and removed and reinstalled all cables on API Board. Connections in pinsetter electrical box all tight. When it does not score, you Do NOT get a "trigger" indication on the API Board - D17 (Green LED) does Not flash. D16 (Yellow) does flash as ball passes it. D21, D24 & D25 are always on. D18 Lites up when machine is on 2nd Ball. You DO NOT get a momentary flash on D19 (Yellow LED) when D17 fails to flash, so.... No trigger & No pin scan is taken. Rake mechanically drops as expected, then bowler has to press reset button to cycle machine. When you watch SCIBA from foul line, ODD lane scores and triggers with no problem. However, every 2nd or 3rd cycle, ALL lights on SCIBA are out. You may or may not get a trigger and a pin scan under this situation for Even Lane. Seems to be no consistency here. Odd lane works just fine regardless of light status on SCIBA as does the ODD lane LEDs on API Board. According to troubleshooting section of the manual, it states Replace SCIBA. Does this mean the circuit board in the camera assembly or the whole assembly ?? Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Update: Owner was able to obtain a Camera board, (don't know if it was new or refurbished). Powered down unit and switched it out. Now even lane fails to trigger and score almost all the time. Odd lane scores just fine. We Did Not replace the camera itself which has its own board attached to it.
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      Could it be the ball detect? I've had Steltronic for nearly 15 years and haven't experienced this issue. Only if the reflector falls off or ball detect is out of adjustment. I see that you covered that, but maybe it's a faulty ball detect.


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        Thanks Bman. We were able to get a new sensor, switched it out, no change. Was told by Jim O. only thing left was the small board on the Sciba as they are sometimes damaged when being hooked up or if the cable underneath gets hit by a ball. I asked the owner who checked the cable along with the original installer of the equipment, if the cable was good. He stated they had checked it and found no damage. They were going to replace the interface board when the owner looked under the light bar and found the rake had nicked 2 wires. Apparently when he removed one of the old Gold Crown masking unit brackets attached to the light bar, just recently at my request, the wire moved and then eventually wore through from the rake. I found a so so repair of the cable (Pic 1) Squeezing the end of a butt connector works sometimes but isn't the best technique. You really should use the proper tool which puts a solid squeeze on the connection (Pic 2). I soldered the connection, applied heat shrink, skinned a bunch of fine wire to make a so so shielding braid where the other guy had cut it away and triple taped the whole thing, and reinstalled (Pics 3 & 4). Works good for now. If any trouble, we'll replace the whole cable.

        Cable Repair 1 C.jpgButt Connector Tool C.jpgCable Repair 2 C.jpgCable Repair 3 C.jpg
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          Dang Mike. If there were dirt around all those wires I'd swear you took out a trunk line to the phone company.


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            WOW, unfortunately the camera cable has been damaged, and while you fixed it temporarily, you should order a new camera cable and replace the one shown in the pictures. Because you opened up the cable, you also exposed the remaining wires from the copper shield, and the copper shield is there for a reason, to keep out the electrical noise.
            Jim Osdale
            Steltronic USA


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              Well the hits keep coming.... I made a makeshift shield to go around the repair, (Pic 4, Post 4), and taped the whole thing up. Didn't work !! that night. Next day I cut out about 6" of cable where the other wires, while not cut, didn't look that good and just butt spliced them all. Did NOT put any shielding around them and basically just left the whole repair open. Works just fine now. New cable ordered and on the way. Should be here Friday.

              Cable Splice C.jpg
              Everything has to be Somewhere !!


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