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  • Elex Computer Jumpers

    I am trying to troubleshoot several elex lane computers and I was wondering if anyone knew what the jumpers on the elex computer board did? I was hoping that it might help troubleshoot in general to be able to toggle certain functions on and off. Also if anyone has any experience with fixing these boards here's a list of the problems I'm having (note: all tests were performed on known good machines, monitors, i-retros, etc…)

    1. Lane computer functions normally except monitors look "pinkish". I first suspected faulty video connections, but it happens on both monitors so I'm not sure why I would be loosing green and blue on both? Both video outputs pass a connectivity test.

    2. Lane computer functions normally except no monitor output on either side. The monitors do power up but only display blank screens. I think the board has two separate video drivers, so are both blown out or is there something else causing the issue?

    3 & 4. Lane computer has power but will not start up, no blue start screen. Ethernet connecter and attenuator test good. I suspect perhaps a faulty ethernet controller but I do not know how to test it. Winserv does not "see" the lane computer (ethernet address is correct).

    5. Here's the weirdest one of all… lane computer functions normally except when in practice mode or if bumpers are turned on. When a ball is thrown on the left side the left machine will cycle and then a couple seconds later the right machine cycles. The right machine will not score a thrown ball, it just cycles. Occasionally the left or right will spontaneously cycle with no scoring. When the lane computer is in open bowl or league mode without bumpers it works fine. This problem follows the lane computer, it was tested on 3 sets of lanes with same results. I can't even imagine how this is a hardware problem. I would assume that whatever circuit drives the cycle signal output to the API or i-Retro is the same for open, league, bumper or practice modes. How can it possibly cycle the right machine after the left is cycled and why would this only happen in practice or bumper mode? I guess it could be a software issue so could I have a corrupt EPROM? Now that I'm thinking of it, I may perhaps test that theory next chance I have.

    Thanks for any help!
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    The jumpers in the API are for the voltage inputs of foul and 2nd ball. Another is interface of the scoring. Each API cover should have the label showing the positions of the jumpers.

    The Elex has a CGA output. If you are using original monitors from Steltronic with CGA inputs through the SCART connector, you may very well have video output issues.
    A call to their support (still free) would be in order. They are the only ones I know of who do the repairs.
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