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LCD monitor problem with Superelex


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  • LCD monitor problem with Superelex


    We bought new Steltronic WINS 6.2.1 system. We are trying to run it, Everything is ok exept that monitors are not showing any signal. We have Superelex with LCD monitors. We bought the converters from RGB to VGA as was suggested

    I send you photos of how it is connected.

    Could you help me what else could be the problem of monitors not working?



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    Check your pin-out connection. We did ours several years ago, using an Ambry converter.....

    DB9 male connector these should already be on your super elex you will just need to identify which color wire goes to each pin.

    High Density DB15 male connector
    Here is the pin out: The color is not necessarily representative of the color of the wire but what information it carries.

    DB9---------- HDDB15
    1: Red ---------- Red
    2: Green --------Green
    3: Blue ----------Blue
    4: H Sync--------- N/C
    5: V Sync--------- N/C
    6: N/C----------- Ground
    7: Ground-------- N/C
    13: N/C --------- H Sync
    14: N/C ----------V Sync

    On your server go to the TCPSERV folder, then to the DATI_COM folder and edit the following file LANES_MP.RSR look for the line that has VIDOFFSX = 112 it may have 98 instead of 112 that is ok place a semi colon at the start of the line as follows:
    ;VIDIOFFSX = 98
    You will then need to reboot the lane computers
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      Are the DIP switches on the convertor set correctly? I don't know what they should be for your case, but there are only 16 possible combinations so it doesn't take long to try them all. Power the board off then back on after each switch change.
      Just a thought....


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        Thank you for the answers. I have already solved the problem. Now I have problem with upgrading A.P.I. I need a file UE046YE.BIN. Can you guys help with that?


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