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Inked our contract last week!!!!


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  • Inked our contract last week!!!!

    Well we inked our contract last week and got to pick our pedestal options this week. Cant wait for the new system.....not sure if installing mid season was a great idea. I hope the bowlers will understand while we are installing. anyone out there that has any suggestions for what we need to be prepared for let me know!!! also, we have a slightly used AMF accuscore system for sale...LOL

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    Watch installers closely. See that all wiring is run and secured properly. The downsweep and powerlift are bad places for sensitive scoring wires.
    Ask them to leave an extra "Loop" in your lane run wires, and an extra 20' to 30'(+50' for big centers) of desk home-run cable tucked up in the ceiling. You'll have this system for years, you never know what will get remodeled next or when. Don't lock your desk PC into one spot with short cables, plan now for the unplanned.

    Crash test it before they leave. Click every button every option, go places they told you not to go and change stuff they told you not to change.
    Watch closely how they fix what you did!!!

    We leave our greatest mark on this earth with the quality of our craftsmanship.


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      They use pre-made cat6 wires for all runs to pedestal and overheads. Always plenty of spare length. I'd recommend a full compliment of spare parts. From experience- and doesn't matter the source- if electronics fail, it will either be early in there use, or they go their expected life.
      You'll need power at the console for the lower touch screen backlight, and curtain wall power for the CPUs. Try not to have more than 8 -10 lanes on a breaker for the curtain wall. You'll probably have the server as well as the spare on the CW as well. It's recommended the spare be wired to the network so if there is an update, it can be done at the same time.
      The console monitors can be up to 12-16 lanes on a breaker. They now include 2 USB receptacles on the console along with a small shelf for charging stuff, but it they don't use much power.
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        Thanks for the heads up. we will defiantly heed your advice thanks. we start in January i hope we don't regret a mid season install.


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          I usually keep the old scoring running until most lanes have the new going. I move the old front desk out of it's hole, and putting the new there where you re used to it, but keeping the old desk running along side.
          Since you are using Advantage, you will either have to get a utility to transfer your leagues to a different format, or start afresh with BLS software - entering the rules and rosters. You can use the current standing sheets to enter total pins and games bowled into BLS for a mid-season change. Not too bad, considering getting better software for the leagues.
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