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Still time.. IBPSIA & Coaching Summit


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  • Still time.. IBPSIA & Coaching Summit

    The IBPSIA & Coaching Summit registrations are still being accepted. Although the "early-bird" deadline has passed, registrations for the IBPSIA / Coaching summit continue. A great lineup of speakers is planned including opportunities to discuss your favorite, or not so favorite topics.

    Visit for all the registration information. You can also e-mail

    Hope to See you there!

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    HVO SUMMIT - Programs
    by Lasen
    Everyone who uses the HVO summit can submit there programs here. It could be fun to see what alleys in other countries look like. I think that Swedish amateur alleys is fairly...
    03-22-2007, 05:57 AM
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    hvo summit??$$??
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    Recently got my hands on a Century summit hvo. Manufactured in 4/2000 with 16,600lanes of usage. Been in storage for 3 yrs. Trying to get some idea of the current value as I...
    02-13-2005, 01:55 PM
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    Just a thought... why when you go on to QA website there is no SUMMIT-S or anything other than the express for lane machines? Correct me if I'm wrong... it has been known...l...
    02-22-2007, 04:07 AM
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    Kustodian & Summit S-Series
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    I am installing synthetic lanes in my 12 lane center, and would like to replace my Gemini Silver Bullet with a Kustodian or Summit. I have the salespersons comments, and would...
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my appologies if Ive posted this in the wrong area, this is my second post on this site, Ive got a 10 lane center ( 5 pairs ) and on lanes 3&4, I am having a problem with...

Pin spot is off

I'm currently working at a 38 Lane center. Of those 38 lanes only a few are having this issue.

I'm currently trying to get all the lanes to have perfect pin spots...

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