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Hard Working Manager


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  • Hard Working Manager

    Looking to use my many many years of bowling experience to help your business. I am not afraid to put in the hours necessary to get the job done. Am willing to relocate
    I like to teach both kids and adults. Have floored many leagues. Sometimes we have to think outside the box to grow. Summer is almost over time to get your winter ideas out. I am ready

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    by harbor
    i am looking to manage or operate a center.i have 25+ years experience.i am dependable,hard working,and willing to work 7 days a week to make sure center is profitable.i have...
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    Looking to relocate east from the south west.....Many years in our industry.....Have worked in 10 - 60 lane centers.....Hours don't scare me.....Level one instructor as well.....Promotions,...
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  • lovebowling
    Hard working manager
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    Hard working person with many years experience in this great industry. Can relocate....Have worked in centers from 10 lanes to 60. Knows what it takes to get the job done. Hours...
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    I am looking for work in the summerville or north charleston area. I have experince in all positions, most of my experince comes from being facility manager.
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Oil in gutters

I have a Kustodian ion Lane machine. I have recently replaced the oil tip assembly and hose. Recently I have been noticing about every couple feet in the gutters I am getting...

C1 Pinout drawing

Finished the C1 drawing.

The base for this came from a drawing made by Felix dated 2006.

Thanks Felix.

If you see any...

CCD Processor Move by Masternut

These are pictures submitted by "MASTERNUT" of a project in his bowling center where he moved his CCD processor boards from the location on the capping to the curtain...