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Looking for experienced A2 Mechanicic SF Bay Area


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  • Looking for experienced A2 Mechanicic SF Bay Area

    Looking for an experienced part time A2 Mechanic in the San Fran Bay Area, maybe retired or a moonlighter for extra work to help a Bowling Center get through its final 6 months. Has Conqueror Scoring & Kegel Lane machines. This center has a full staff of limited knowledge Mechanics, in need of a person with A2 skills that is looking for part time temporary work. If interested, please contact Toni or Dave at the neighboring Bowling Center at 510-538-8100, or email @ [email protected] Thank You. // UPDATE; As of Nov 1st, 2019 position has been filled, hope mech works out, if not, will be looking again... Thank You to those that read post & that inquired. dave @ CV Bowl.
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  • lovebowling
    A2 Mechanic
    by lovebowling
    We are a nice easy going 20 lane center in the eastern lower part of Alabama. Near the Ga. border. Great fishing if you like to. 32 hours Pretty good leagues they will get better....
    05-11-2019, 09:40 PM
  • swall427
    Splitsvile- Tampa Looking for part time mechanic
    by swall427
    Splitsville-Tampa is in need of a part time A2 mechanic some GSX knowledge would be preferred but not required. Hours will be weekends and pay will depend on experience.
    12-31-2018, 07:50 AM

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