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Complete Pro Shop (equipment for sale)


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  • Complete Pro Shop (equipment for sale)

    Innovative Vacuum press w/x,y,z digitals, Engraver, spinner, Vise vacuum system, Many grips and grip racks, 1 bin of accessories for resale, some vise and bsi bags, few balls, 25 slot wall ball holders, sanders tools, 2 complete sets of carbide bits, ovaling reamers and ovaling flat tip bits, brunswick ball fitter, innovative ball fitter, shop vac, many tools, Much more. Everything you need to open a shop. Complete package sale only, no separating. $10,000 0r obo. Possible delivery to midwest or east coast, or pick up in Floridacontact Dave 847-204-6976 ****SOLD****
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Preventative Maintenance - Brunswick A, Jet Back, A2 - Warning Signs

After a post about electrical box orientation, I went into a "Marking Frenzy". Most of these displayed were already on, (on front and rear of machine), but added several...

Brunswick/Kegel tongs...

Just noticed that Brunswick and Kegel tongs are different where you line them up for timing has anyone noticed this am I missing something?...

Preventative Maintenance - Brunswick Selenium Rectifier "A's"

With the help of James and exMech, I converted my old Jet Back rectifiers to a Silicon Bridge Rectifier. Most of my old ones were 60 years old. The magnetic clutches were changed...

"Tablejam changes a distributor belt"

My first video upload in awhile.

I thought it would be fun to see me changing a distributor belt.

This machine had a waffle belt on it but started having...

Auto OOR..

Didn't think I'd ever like these. Now, especially in a FEC, they are one of my favorite mods. Here are the ones I made for our center. Hooks were made from stock from my scrap...