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16 Lane Bowling Center on 1 acre in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho


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  • 16 Lane Bowling Center on 1 acre in beautiful Sandpoint, Idaho

    We are considering selling our center. We have several other businesses and don't have the time. It has wood lanes, Brunswick A-2's, AS-90's, a new Bouncy House area with three new Bouncy Houses, a full kitchen, a party room and a huge workshop, work area behind the pinsetters.

    Google Sandpoint, Idaho if you have never hear about it. It is voted the most beautiful small town, and place to retire on a consistent basis. There is Schweitzer Ski resort as well as a huge lake over 1000ft deep!

    It is a fantastic place to live and the bowling alley is the only place to have birthday parties and get together (especially in the winter).

    If this sounds like something that might be interesting, email me and we can talk about it.
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