I would guess a few of you have experienced this problem - You are diligently searching for a solutions to a problem on your equipment and you find a thread that has what you are looking for, just to discover that the photobucket posts of pictures they made are no longer available.

The use of pictures is at times essential to what we do here in our community. Please be respectful to your fellow techs and refrain from using 3rd party picture hosting to post to the Bowl-Tech forums. At this point I do not have the ability to block such attachments, although I am advocating such a tool with our host.

We have gone to great lengths to make it easy to upload images to the site in order to preserve technical assistance for future generations.

Here are a some links on to tutorials on uploading pictures to Bowl-Tech and If you need any further assistance or we can do something better on our end to help please let me know and I will do what I can to help out.

Uploading Images using your PC - http://www.bowltech.com/forum/bowlte...osts-made-easy

Uploading Images using Mobile device - http://www.bowltech.com/forum/bowlte...bile-interface

Thanks everybody for your understanding and assistance in the matter.

Mike Wilson