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Important Site Security Update


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  • Important Site Security Update

    As a rule we have NEVER granted access to our general discussion forums or member profiles to non members or persons not logged in.

    The general discussion forums at times can contain posts that may have content of a personal nature. It is human nature to drop our guard a bit when we feel we are in a group we know.

    There are information gathering services out there on the internet that infiltrate communities such as ours to collect personal information.

    We do make every effort to scrutinize incoming members but no system is perfect so I ask that all of you use caution. Don't forget that even though we are amongst friends there could less friendlier individuals trolling about.

    In the past we have allowed members with partially filled member profiles to have restricted or probationary access to certain features with a time or post based expiring restriction and during those members could also see our profiles and the general discussion forums,

    However that is now changing.

    If a member joins and does not have their fields properly filled in and are granted a probationary access they will still not be able to view member profiles or see the General Discussion forums.

    When you come to Bowl-Tech and you see one of the following banners at the top of each of your screens it means you need to update your profile and then send us a note letting us know you did.

    If you see this banner it means information in your account may be incomplete. Follow the instruction within the banner to gain full access to the site.

    If you see the below banner it more than likely means that we do not have an up to date email address to your account. After updating your profile you should regain full access.

    The next question that many will ask is "Why do you ask so much about us" Well, this is done in an effort to determine that you belong here and are a part of our industry.

    Information collected such as your email address IS NOT SHARED. It is used strictly for Bowl-Tech Site Business. Equipment information is collected to allow other members to see what equipment you may have or work on so when you ask questions others can offer you advice that is directed toward your equipment speeding up the process of getting helpful information. It also allows you to see others who may have the same equipment that you do.

    For those of you who are Pro Shops or a Special Group such as the Small Scale Bowling equipment groups please indicate your interest in your interests field and pro shops should include their business name in the Center or Business name field.

    We are not trying to lock anybody out of the site. Everybody that is here now is welcome we just want to be sure those that are able to see our conversations outside the technical forums are a part of our industry.

    If you profile is out of date click the link below to look at your settings. If you need assistance please let us know by PM or by clicking the CONTACT US LINK at the bottom of every page.

    Thanks for your understanding as we tighten up the security a bit. It's just in an effort to help keep things as safe as we possibly can.


    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc.
    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc.

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