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LMB International is alive!!!!

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  • LMB International is alive!!!!

    Wrote a post a year ago wondering if anyone knew what was going on with LMB International, who carries/produces the Legends brand lane oil and cleaner, and ball cleaner. Because when I called the phone number on their website, it was disconnected. Well, I wrote an email to them a few months ago, and finally heard back from Denise Voll. If anyone needs or wants to contact LMB, here is their contact info, since the contact info on their website is bad. We really like their lane oil.

    Denise Voll
    LMB International 209-688-7304

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    Best news ive heard in a long time.Spent a lot of time and money since they went dark tryin to find something that works as good as legends cond.Navigate was the closest thing I found. Just talked to Denise and ordered 5 gal of original med.Hope they keep it going.


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      Well, still waiting on lane oil-not answering phone-I think back in business was premature. Too bad.


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        Box of lane oil showed up few days ago-talked to Denise twice now -looks like they are up and running-just ordered another 5 gal just in case-got my fingers crossed they stay alive


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          I called them last week and they are sending me a some Info on their products and will be switching to one of their oils soon.


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            Well,LMB or Denise or what ever is MIA again.Tried to call for 2 weeks now-no answer,no reply.Have not received my 2nd order of oil either.Maybe ICE has caught up or who knows.Im done.


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              Same thing here!



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