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Golden PIn Lanes (Tucson, AZ) closes after 59 years.

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  • Golden PIn Lanes (Tucson, AZ) closes after 59 years.

    Another one with a rich history bites the dust.
    -- Larry

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    Thanks for sharing, I found this while I was reading up on it. It is sad to see these icons in our industry die.

    Mike Wilson
    Bowl-Tech Inc.


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      I remember watching the PBA there back in the 70's.


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        Land value and overvaluation of land is killing the bowling industry.
        Seen a ton of iconic centers close in the Seattle area over the past 25 years, only to have smaller arcade type venues pop up, where if you bowl and use your own equipment, the ball is hooking at the arrows because they oil their lanes twice a week and or they have string pinsetters.
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          Originally posted by Wookie8662 View Post
          I remember watching the PBA there back in the 70's.
          Back when I was still buying pins off of ebay, I found one of the gold PBA pins with the color logo -- the ones for televised play. Where did the seller say it came from? You guessed it -- Golden Pin Lanes in Tucson.


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            This makes me so sad, GP has been a big part of my life since childhood. I never thought I'd see the day!!


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              Same thing in Denver metro area, 5 of the last 7 houses I've worked at have closed in last 11 years. Couple of the new chain houses
              have opened,but they are mostly open play oriented.
              Always remember rule #3,(Don't forget rule #1).Rule #1,see rule #3......


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                Ahhhhhh, thats where we got all these quick release pit frames from.....

                My FM mentioned being in Tucson for a parts deal. Didnt know they were harvested from golden pin. Never been there but it's a shame to hear its now gone.


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