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Kegel acquires Pinsetter Parts Plus

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  • Kegel acquires Pinsetter Parts Plus

    Lake Wales, FL – January, 2020: Kegel announces the acquisition of Pinsetter Parts Plus (PPP), a Wisconsin-based pinsetter parts manufacturing company. Kegel will acquire the assets of Pinsetter Parts Plus and the line of products will be available under the Kegel brand.

    “Pinsetter Parts Plus has long been a respected parts provider,” states Don Agent, head of the Pinsetter Parts division of Kegel. “They’ve created a line of innovative products designed by mechanics that solve problems, save money, and make machines run more smoothly. I’m excited to expand our Kegel Pinsetter Parts line by incorporating these great products.”

    Kegel will maintain headquarters in Lake Wales, Florida for manufacturing and shipping of all products. Existing PPP and Kegel Distributors should expect a more comprehensive letter from Kegel explaining all details regarding the acquisition.

    Steve Nadolny, Pinsetter Parts Plus Partner, states, “We started our company simply hoping to provide mechanics with products that would aid in the performance and maintenance of their equipment. We are proud of what we have built and cannot wait to watch this line grow with the team at Kegel.”

    “For years, our team considered that diversification outside of bowling was necessary for our company’s future,” Chris Chartrand, Kegel CEO, shares. “But this acquisition is a testament to our new confidence and our approach to double down on the bowling industry. With these additions to our product line, we are excited to continue solving more problems for our customers.”

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