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We just bought an Envoy


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  • We just bought an Envoy

    We use a Kegel machine lift to lift our old Phoenix. Is there some kind of adapter that will let us lift the Envoy?

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    Honestly doubt it. Either call Brunswick and see what they say, or you should be able to find a sling used in other industries that will maintain the balance and control of the Envoy


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      Just opened the box. No place to put an eye bolt, but can put an axel strap on the lifting handle. Now I am happy. Funny, I tried to contact Kegel, but thier email doesn't work from Canada. I did find an email site, but no response. I really liked the service I got from them in the past, but no help here.


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        I bough 2 X 2ft straps with D rings on each end. Works great with machine lift. Just slide them thru handle and hook to lift.
        I love the lift but straps were too short for ENVOY. 2Ft straps did the trick.
        So far, ENVOY works great too.


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          Good deal


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