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Authority 22 Buffer Brush curiosity


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  • Authority 22 Buffer Brush curiosity

    10 lane center, Authority 22 refurbished machine about 1 1/2 years old for us.

    Lately, as the machine has been put on the lane for the first pass, it will stop after just a short (1-2 sec) time and give a buffer brush did not raise. I have been getting by or past this by going into the diagnostic part and testing the buffer brush lower/raise. It does so, but sounds as though it's an 99 year old guy going up stairs or in other words, very rough. After this though, it will do all 10 lanes as nothing was wrong.

    I am guessing the buffer up/down switches need to be looked at, but before I go tearing into something I may not be able to put back together (not much of a mechanic for an owner), wanted to see what others thought about the situation.

    I'll answer any questions if anyone has them if I am able to do so.

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    I think it's your buffer up/down motor that's going bad. At my previous center that had an A-22, had similar problem like yours and found that it was the motor. After it operated a few times and got warmed up, it would be fine. But after a couple of weeks, it got to the point that it would have several issues while doing the lanes. So, if you don't have a spare now, better get one and replace it. I used to get those from Graingers, but can't tell you the Grainger number is as I don't work at that center anymore.
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      Thanks for the answer. I'll get one of those to have on hand as we're hosting a tournament this month and I really don't want to lose it due to not being able to lay down the pattern.

      Glad to know I need to look further than just the switches.


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        Grease the buffer brush motor


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          Thanks for the suggestion. We just got done replacing the motor and everything has run fine so far.


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