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  • Envoy Lino Counter

    Just changed the lino cloth on my envoy for 1st time. Counter said 1400 lanes done. Is this normal? My phoenix only got 455 lanes per roll.

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    At my previous center, we had an A-22 for a few years and then got an Envoy. We used to get 950 lanes out of a roll quite often by keeping an eye on the clutch adjustment. 1400 is kind of high and you may need to tweak the clutch adjustment so that you ensure that you're getting a clean section of cloth on the lane each time, otherwise the cleaning may not be as good as it could be. But getting that 900-1000 lanes from a roll should be a realistic number. I believe the default setting in the software is for 700 lanes and I would just reset the counter when the "change cloth" message would start popping up on the GUI and I would just keep a close eye on how much cloth was left on the roll in the machine and change it when it was getting to the point that there wasn't enough to get across the house.
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      We always have good dirt marks on the roll, every 1/4 inch or so. Guess I am ok.


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        Yep, I would say so. That's what I used to keep an eye on was making sure that there was a small space between the dirt lines.
        It is wiser to find out than suppose.--Mark Twain


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          iif you have had your envoy gui updated the counter setting went from 700 lanes to 1100 lanes I get 1500 to 1700 lanes on our machine with 1/2 gap between marks


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