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A-22 Injector Drips (cleaning blocked injectors)


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  • A-22 Injector Drips (cleaning blocked injectors)

    Before I go and do something stupid, short version: does anyone know the CORRECT way to clear suspected injector blockages?

    Long version:
    Recently made a change from W22 to Connect for [reasons]. It's been a nightmare and has caused major headaches, one of which is that I now have medium drips from multiple injectors when running any pattern. Have sourced a batch of W22 again, and dumped the Connect in the bin (stank to high hevean anyway), but now need to sort this out.

    Now, I can't run an injector test as my GUI was a replacement and is running V2, while my A-22 is an original, so the 2 won't work together for injector tests (everything else is ok). If I do some magic tricks, (unplug buffer up/down motor and tape the switch "closed") I can get a type of "test" where I can see the dots... and it's certainly about 9 of them (randomly spread out) that will occasionally "drip", and that's leading me to think that they are at least partially clogged.

    Other things done:
    Ran 100 unit pattern multiple times.... doesn't seem to help much.
    Checked and rechecked buffer adjustment and roller adjusment.
    Checked and rechecked buffer/roller are working.

    So, can someone offer advice on the correct way to clear blocked injectors? Something about alochol (and not just getting drunk and ignoring the problem) rings a bell....

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    Have you tried an air compressor to maybe clear them up just run it side to side you'll see the conditioner stay out . I do this after every use


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        I have to clean the injectors with Q-tip and white vinegar. I had the same issue. Talked to brunswick tech and thats what i need to do. it works but need to do it every couple of day. Can include it in your nightly oil machine cleaning. I dip the Q-tip in the cup of vinegar and do 3 injector at a time, then dip again and 3 more. When its all done wait about a minute then take another Q-tip and wipe it off.
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