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A-22 waste tank barely filling. Need some new ideas.


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  • A-22 waste tank barely filling. Need some new ideas.

    Basically, what the title says. Noticed our waste tank was a lot lighter after finishing our 24 lanes a few weeks ago. Normally, the tank would be around 3/4 full. Currently, it barely has anything in the bottom no matter how many lanes are run. This is an older machine that was neglected before our current mechanic team was around. We ordered a new vacuum motor and waited about 2 weeks for the back order on it. We got it installed a few days ago. There was no change as a result of the motor, so I went back to checking every adjustment in the book. Have done squeegee height and angle, buffer brush drive belt was tightened, duster cloth clutch has been tightened (I do think this needs to be replaced because I've had to tighten it more often lately). We've tried 2 different hoses to go to the waste tank, as well.

    I'm looking for some new ideas for what could be causing this. Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.

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    You haven't said what happened to the cleaning fluid. It may not be the pickup not working but the delivery system not putting cleaning fluid down, I would think if that was being left on the lane you would have noticed that over an empty tank so it may not be putting down cleaner to pick up.


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      I've walked down the lane with it and the cleaner sprays normally. I think the squeegee might be pushing what it doesn't absorb off the end of the lane. I just confirmed this by running it to clean only and checked the back of the pit afterwards. Is this telling me the squeegee is too low?


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        Have you noticed a difference in the amount of cleaning solution you are using? I'm still focusing on the delivery here for a moment because although we didn't have the A22 we had a similar situation with our machine and it ended up being a delivery issue not putting down enough fluid. It put down enough to make it look like it was working properly but it ended up being a restricted valve limiting the amount of fluid it was putting down.


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          Your recovery system is pretty basic. Squeegee funnels solution to center of lane, vacuum sucks it into tank. So with this in mind first make sure solution is getting to the vacuum head. Then check at the head to make sure there are no restrictions. You could have a bad seal where the vacuum attaches to the tank. Does the motor seem like its running at a higher pitch. If not then its probably not a restriction but instead a vacuum loss somewhere. Put some fluid down in front of the vacuum and see if it appears to have sufficient suction.


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            The amount of cleaner being used for the whole house has been consistent since this started. Not 100% sure from previously, but it does seem to be the same as before the problem started. We fill it at the start and after 24 lanes, there is still a bit in the tank but only enough for maybe 8 more lanes (rough guess).


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              Seems to be the first issue, liquid not getting to the vacuum head and just getting pushed down the lane by the squeegee. Going to raise the squeegee a bit and see what that does.


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                I'm sorry I may not be much help because I don't have A22 experience so I may not know all the nuances of the machine. But I know sometimes it helps to just to kick around ideas. So anyone else with A22 experience, feel free to jump in.


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                  The hose that runs from the squeegee assembly to the waste tank might have a build-up of dirt and lint in it and may be restricting the flow of waste into the waste tank. Remove the hose from the squeegee and flush it out. You may be surprised at how much crap is in it if it hasn't been cleaned recently. Also check the hose adapter on the squeegee assembly that the hose attaches to for any build-up. Also, even though you stated that it seems to be dispensing about the same amount of cleaner, there is a mesh screen filter in the cleaner tubing line that needs to be removed and cleaned every once in a while. I used to do that every 6-8 weeks when I had and A-22. The spray tips need to be cleaned about that same time frame.
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                    A few ideas:
                    1. Is the machine putting down the right amount of cleaner?
                    2. Is the squeegee adjusted properly? A poorly adjusted squeegee is going to leave cleaner on the lane as well as effecting the suction.
                    3. Is there a crack/warp in the hose section? Run the vacuum motor and feel around the hose joins for airflow entering the system here.
                    4. Is the tank making a full seal with the vacuum motor? Again, check around the foam seal to ensure no damage allowing excess air in that would reduce suction.
                    5. Check the hose/squeegee head for blockages.

                    Listening to a vacuum motor run is an easy way to tell if it has suction or not. Hear the difference when it's on the approach vs on the lane. The pitch gets higher with increased air resistance.


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                      Ended up being the squeegee angle was too far forward. Less pressure on the absorbent wiper and more on the squeegee blade. It's working better than it has since I started here. Thanks for the ideas.


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