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A22 Viper Board ?


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  • A22 Viper Board ?

    Got a nice message today telling me the battery on the Viper Board is practically dead so it won't keep the date or time until I replace it.

    Only problem is I have no idea what the Viper Board is, let alone finding the battery on it. Looked through the manual, but didn't see it mentioned when
    the date and time was addressed on how to set it.

    Any ideas on where this is and how difficult it'll be to replace?

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    The Viper PCB is the main board in the GUI. Haven't pulled one out, so not sure on the battery involved. The Viper board is an item you can send to ERC for repair if you needed to.


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      As I recall, the battery is one of those lithium watch batteries that can be bought at most any store. Don't remember the number of the battery, though. I used to replace it every year.
      It is wiser to find out than suppose.--Mark Twain


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        Ok, Good to know. We are also getting random messages and its having to download patterns occasionally. Hoping that's not a sign of the GUI going bad.

        I'm guessing that's a fairly easy to replace. Do you remember what you did to do that @Stripperbolt?

        Does that involve just taking the cover of the GUI off? I can't find anything other than the schematic in the manual about it.


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          Depends on which generation of GUI you have. The newer GUI was slightly more complicated to access the Viper board than the original one that the A-22 had when we first got the machine in 2005. There are a couple of cables that have to be removed and I think a small PC board that is removed to access the Viper board. Nothing very difficult.
          It is wiser to find out than suppose.--Mark Twain


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            Hmm, Ok I'll check that out tomorrow. We got a refurbished A22 about 2-3 years ago and of course this is just something no one tells you about. Hopefully it's that easy.


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              Got it fixed. It was a lithum battery as Stripperbolt suggested. Ours took #2032 and has run fine since replacing.


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