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A22 problem


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  • A22 problem

    Hy ,I have a big problem with machine you will understand when sou see a video

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    The root cause could be a connection at the black plug which has taken out the surface mount fuse F1 but not before U19 and U8. The state of Q5 is also a bit sus.

    If your not equipped to do surface mount board repairs and testing you'll need to get someone who is or send it of to Brunswick.
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      It's look like that the motor controller board is need to repair.
      We can repair it if you can ship this board to Moscow.


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        can ayone do me a favor ?? i need the name of this two components on motor controller board.
        ​​​​​You have marks on board U8 and U19
        if you dont see with your eye try the mobile phone camera pleaseeee


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          anyone have diagram for this board ???


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            This is confidential information that only official repair center have


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              I know that but some people have a22 machine and this board in it,they can juat read the part name and send it to me there is always the way my brother


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                I have another issue with machine.anibody here on forum have diagram wich wire goes where


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