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Envoy screen turning off


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  • Envoy screen turning off

    Was doing my normal morning head run and after the machine came back after the 5th lane or so, the screen went black. Flipped the power switch and restarted the machine. Ran smoothly for the next 6 lanes or so. Same thing happened. Repeated said process and machine ran perfectly fine for the last 22 lanes. Any one else have this problem? If so, is there a fix? Random occurrence?

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    I had the same problem with my envoy , two weeks ago I’m thinking it must be something inside the GUI .


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      Could be the lower board, I had the same a couple of times and that the Gui didn't start at all anymore. It asked for a systemdisk.
      After replacing the GUI and the lower board the problem never occoured again. It's in the power supply.


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        Had something similar a couple of years ago with my Envoy. As my machine was returning to the foul line on random lanes the GUI would be in a reboot procedure. Very rare to start but gradually happened more and more. Ended up being the power supply PCB in the GUI. It's called the UPS PCB 14-100177-000. You could physically tell it was bad as the large capacitor was visibly swollen. Not sure if this helps but I thought I should document this previous issue I had.


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