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    I have an A22 and having some issues. Currently using Defy and not real pleased. When doing an oil test with the 5 dot pattern there are certain boards that are not spraying. I have set the unit up for 100 units across all 39 boards for 2 zones and still seem to have some nozzles that are clogged. Any and all suggestions would surely be appreciated? Thanks! Also have a couple of machines where the pins are idling on the 7 pin side and refusing to enter the elevator. Have cleaned the t-band,adjusted the deflectors,tried pin feed extenders and changed and raised the pin socks. Any other suggestions? Even moved the working deflectors on a working lane and still having the problem. Thanks! Kerry

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    As far as the problem with the A-22, you could try swapping 2 of the injector cables on the outside of the control box and then run the injector test again and see if the problem moves to other injectors. I think there may be enough slack in the cables to allow you to do that. If not, you can try swapping around 2 of the injector drive PC boards in the controller box. Just be sure to swap cables back to original spots if you do this. Either way, that should tell you if the injectors are bad or if it's a bad board. Injectors are available from Brunswick.
    As far as your issue with the GSX, you probably want to post that problem in the correct section. You'll get better response that way.
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      I've tested many different kinds of transport bands over the last 20 years. Some of them were simply too thin. No matter how much tension you put on them or how you set up the deflectors, the weight of the pin would cause too much of a sag in front of the rear roller. Based on what you have already tried, that may be your problem.


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        Try cleaning injector nozzles with white vinegar on a quitip, cleaner can get on them and block the holes, you can see this with a uv light.


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          Bring me the freshest "Mean Green" known to man! Juice on!


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