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    Bumpers were coming up on 15. When I disconnected the 10 pin rail the 7 pin side would come up fine on its own. Then i tried it with just the 10 pin rail connected and it wouldnt rise even on its own. I took the motor apart and found a gear had missing teeth. I replaced the gear and this is where the real problems started. The LEDs in the controller for up/down are now backwards even though I didnt mess with the cam at all. When i try to hit stop bumpers from the computer the rails on the screen goes red but no movement occurs, then when i hit restart bumpers the motor turns the wrong way but only partially(the cam doesnt make it from one switch to the other and both LEDs are lit. Im really not sure what to do here, any help would be appreciated.

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    If you took the wiring for the motor apart, you may have reattached the wiring backward. Change the black wires and see if this corrects your problem.


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      i fixed the up/down problem, but now when i go to hit start bumpers the moment the cam comes off the down switch the motor disengages. If i manually put the bumper in the up position and then use the scoring to put it down, the moment the cam comes off the up switch the motor disengages, could this still be a wiring problem?


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        **UPDATE** problem with the cams and switches is fixed. However, the problem with the rails rising is still occuring. Seems like the motor isnt getting enough torque. All the gears are good, and there's no binding in the shaft underneath the lane. Can the motors themselves just go bad over time and lose torque?


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          Yep, they sure will. I'm in the process of installing the new motors and new control circuit cards. It's a beefy motor, about twice the size of the motor you're using. Pops the bumpers up really FAST!


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            The control relays could be pitted to the point it's preventing the motor from fully energizing. Try swapping over the control box with another pair.
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              capiset, are you using brunswick pinwall 2 motor or did you find one outside of brunswick


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                The 12v windshield wiper motor from any car does the job. Once fitted it will never fail.


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