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Arm Atuactor Snapping?


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  • Arm Atuactor Snapping?

    Hi Guys,
    I Instalimg My Automatic Bumpers and after two weeks that I started to install them I got my first actuator arm broke right where the second hole screw is at. Then After that I have had about 8 of them broke in just about 4 month which I think is a lot. I was wondering if any of you guys have any Idea or have something similar in your House. I what could possibly be causing my actuator arms break that fast.
    Thank you before hand for your inputs!
    Smile Jesus loves you

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    On some the lower hole is right near the bend. Drill a new hole higher to replace it and weld the break solid. If you can't weld in house get a bunch of broken ones and find a welding shop. Have the price of new ones before you ask the shop what they will charge to weld them. Try turning the air pressure down from 90 to about 65-70 PSI. If the bumpers will go up at the lower pressure keep it there.

    You can try unhooking the return springs from the bumper rails. See if the bumpers go back down without the springs. If they do, let the springs lay in the track. This will let them go up easier with lower air pressure. If one bumper goes up harder than the others try to find out what's binding and fix it.


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      Dont let adults use them, and limit the ball weights to 10lbs or less.
      Anyone that can throw a 12lb ball, doesnt need bumpers.
      This will help make your life much easier.

      I agree with the above, use the lowest air pressure that will allow all bumpers to work.
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        Sounds like you have first addition arms. Amf has the new replacement arm #049007262, no welding required


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          We had air bumpers installed at another location. Every arm broke so they sent us the “redesigned” style. “Thick piece of metal welded to breaking point”
          Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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            The redesigned ones that I received was the bottom screw hole was moved up so it was not in the bend. You just redrilled the hole in the framing. Check it out on there website


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              Thank You guys for all your inputs. It is possible that The spring that goes all the way at the end of the bumper can help to relief the presure of the Activator Arm?
              I just knoticed that I am missing some of those springs in some of my bumpers.
              Smile Jesus loves you


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                You said it - without the spring at the end, the bumpers 'slam' to the top. Worse with more pressure. They should run fine with 80 PSI set at the regulator/water separator. You'll notice they probably don't go all the way down before they break as they are bending. The spring will buffer the deployment.
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                  A picture with the broken old style before I welded it and a newer one. I used the newer one to locate the new hole in the old one so they would be interchangeable.


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