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BCU2 section Of 6 Acting Up


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  • BCU2 section Of 6 Acting Up

    Hi Guys I got All My BCU2 installed 1 thru 60 and I have a section from 41thru 47 lights flashing green and red so when I turn on the bumper they won’t event go up. They work ok if I do it manually. It looks like they are for some reason off line. thank you and advance for any inputs.
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    By BCU2, do you mean Qubica Bumper 2 or 3 (QB2/3 )? how does your BCU2 interface with scoring?The BCU unit should interface the scorer's LCOM to the air valve solenoids, You might also check to see if the 12 volt power supply for the solenoids can handle the current load. We had to replace the stock one with a higher rated one. And of course recheck wiring.
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      I already have checked wiring, switch with a working one so I know for sure it doesn’t has to do with a bad wiring or bad Interface, my power supply is ok because all the other lanes 1 thru 30 is working ok.

      The only thing I am thinking is if connecting my bumpers 1-30 and then I Skipped my middle section, because those Are our busy lanes, I continued with 60 down as soon as Get to 49 I got all other 4 of my BCU2 flashing red and green. I am wondering if that cause my conqueror to reprogram the higher end first and mixt up the Adresses of each BCU2. I read that I am suppose to install then in order from lowest to high number. Let me know if any body has any I diea about it.
      and if so how can I reset the information in my conqueror.
      before Hand thank you for all your inputs.
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        You may be right, could be a IP address issue. You might check with Pat at QAMF tech support. I have found her to be very helpful many times.Or try the QAMF customer portal.
        Always remember rule #3,(Don't forget rule #1).Rule #1,see rule #3......


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