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quibica pneumatic bumpers questions


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  • quibica pneumatic bumpers questions

    I have some non functioning qubica bumpers...there are missing cylinders as well as mounts, plus there are cracks in the gutters...from what I am told, they have not worked for a long time...I like the concept of how they are designed to go up and down with the needs of the bowlers...however, the curve or radius of the gutters are so shallow, that if anyone throws a ball above 10 mph, the ball flies out and hits the machinery...sometimes damaging both the ball and the machine...if I oil the gutters, it helps, but doesn't cure the problem...this makes me hesitant to give out these lanes at all, and with only 8 lanes, I am losing a quarter of my capacity...I am looking for ideas, suggestions, any input I can make use of...should I pay to have these fixed? is there a resource to buy used gutters and bumper systems? I would rather switch back to normal gutters, with the simple rails that pop inward when released...I currently use carpet tubes as bumpers...very high tech :-)
    thanks again!

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    We'v had them for 20 years. Had balls going through the masking unit since day 1. Nothing but problems.
    Have tried all sorts of bandaid fixes. The best one was to raise the capping and divisions by at least a inch. This cut down on balls taking out the scoring camera and significantly reduced ball damage due to balls hitting the machinery but we have never fully fixed the problem.


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      What's causing the ball to jump out of the gutter besides the shallow curvature. I know when they installed ours, they set them below the flat gutters so when the ball hit the flat gutter it would cause the ball to jump up into the rake arm causing ball damage. Does this happen at a specific point, is it related to where the ball goes into the gutter or some other point of exit.

      Maybe some pictures of what you have might help.


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        I have found that on install the deadening material has been removed, which puts unsupported areas between cribbing. This is most critical in the last 8 feet before the pin deck, which causes the ball to bounce and the gutter to crack. I have had mine for 15 years, changed a few brackets on the air cylinders (all the parts are available still from AMF) but love them. HP has a good move in raising the edges. You mentioned the "shallow", peaked my interest, so compared gutter and bumper rail to o/e wood, not that much difference. So pull up one set and see what is under them.


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          actually the balls rock back and forth all the way down the gutter...if there is enough angle and speed, the ball loops all the way out...especially when missing a ten pin. if I oil the gutters, the amount of swing is reduced, but not enough..and you can easily see that the curve of these gutters are much shallower than the curve of the regular gutters...seems like if I were to lower the gutters, or raise the caps, that then the balls would be hitting the edges of the caps, and possible damaging the balls...or the caps....I will work to get some pictures...thanks again!


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            my capping seems to extend over my gutters. I havent had any issues with balls coming out
            If its still broken, guess it wasnt in the parts budget.



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