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Bumper Compressor size


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  • Bumper Compressor size

    Our compressor for our durabowl bumps died. The Compressor we had was a 1.6HP and 33 Gallon tank. Should I stick with a 33 Gal or can I get away with a 20 Gal? Our center has 16 lanes.

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    A smaller HP compressor will have to run longer. A smaller tank will make it run more often. Has the old one needed to run continuously without leaks? Do you have problems with leaks? A leak that makes a larger compressor run continuously may be big enough that a smaller one can't keep the bumpers up. Smaller may be a little quieter. Newer should also mean quieter. Do you use air tools to repair anything in the building? Do you use an air gun to blow out pinsetters or pinspotters?

    Assuming no leaks and no other uses for compressed air, you should be fine.


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      What's more important than tank size is compressor size. You want to look at the cfm rating to insure the new compressor will put out the necessary volume. With a smaller cfm it will take longer to fill the tank and you may run out of storage air at the appropriate pressure to run the cylinders. With a smaller tank, you would want a larger cfm and with a larger tank you can possibly get away with a smaller cfm.


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        I use a 60 gal upright for 32 lanes of AMF air bumpers, and the compressor does have time to rest and cool down between runs.
        I would stick with close to a 30 gal tank for 16 lanes.

        Of course, like stated about the CFM is what matters.
        That is the amount of air the compressor can generate while running.


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          My center uses a 75 gallon Speedaire compressor from Grainger for all the air in the center. I can run all 34 lanes with bumpers, and I still have plenty of air to work with in the shop. It's lasted 18 years with no downtime, running 24/7/365. I'd recommend Grainger part #4ME96, it's relatively cheap and has a CFM of around 10. It has a 60 gallon tank as well.
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