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Pinball wizard 1 to 2 conversion issues


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  • Pinball wizard 1 to 2 conversion issues

    My mechanic and I are attempting to converted our bumpers from pinball wizard 1 to pinball wizard 2. We have 82-70s, qubica scoring and brunswick bumpers. So far we have installed the pinball wizard 2 stuff on a pair of lanes and they are not working. We can test them and they go up and down but they are not communicating with our front desk computer. We've talked to brunswick and they say its AMF and AMF says its its brunswick. One of my questions though is if anyone has this set up and what they have their dip switches set at in the control boxes? As of now ours are at #1 on and the other 7 are off. I will also mention the few lanes we have left with working pinball wizard one equipment do work with the scoring system and automatically come up and down depending on the bowlers. So if anyone has any suggestions that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Another member had a similar, although not exact, problem. In their case they were switching from Vector scoring to sync. The bumpers were not changed but stopped working. The thread doesn't show whether this was resolved or not. I think this comes down to a communications problem whereas the addresses aren't set correctly but don't quote me on that.

    Here is the link in case your interested in contacting them to see if they came up with a solution that may also help you.


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      Do you have the BCU-BRU bum box installed for QAMF? It will hook up to LCOM connection in lane group processor and another cable will go to the bumper PCB. If so is it flashing green/red every few seconds?

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        Yes it is flashing every red/green every few seconds.


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