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Qubica bumper question


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  • Qubica bumper question

    How do you get to these pneumatic bumpers to work on them? Do you take the gutter out or take capping off? TIA.

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    Remove a section of gutter. You may need to remove capping to get the gutter out and back in. Be sure to leave enough gap between gutter and lane when reinstalling so the bumper can move freely.

    Can you provide pics so we know which version of bumpers you have?


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      Bridge the controlling 12volt relay and they should rise.


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        Undoubtedly the worst gutter/ bumper combination that I have encountered. I know it doesn't help your cause but, for any potential purchaser out there consider the cost to replace this bumper system when budgeting the sale price.


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          Picture would be great I have qubica bumpers I can help just need see which ones you have


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            Method for Durabowl gutters, if you have those.

            The pneumatic cylinder lift should be under the first section of gutter.
            Raise the bumper rail (use a small 2x4 block to hold the rail up).
            Remove the screws and clips holding the edge of the gutter to the metal base rail.
            Loosen the screws on the first gutter coupling.
            Remove the gutter adapter block at the foul line.
            Remove the gutter.
            Have fun,


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