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brunswick bumper pins


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  • brunswick bumper pins

    i have the new/used brunswick bumpers almost installed, but am coming up short on two things...the pins used to connect the moving parts, which I would call shoulder pins with E clips. do you guys know the proper name, as I am stumping the fastener places near me...also the small metal couplers to connect the rails...I can make my own, but want to make as original as possible...any chance they would be available thru Brunswick? if so, bet they cost more...suggestions and input welcomed as always, thanks!

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    The clips are known as you described as E circlips.
    The pins are not shouldered but could possibly be sourced through local fastner supplier. Otherwise big B shouldn't want too much for them.
    Dependant on how many you need, it could be cost effective to get local engineering company to make the pins.


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      I know the e clips are 1/4 inch.... Which you can get at Harbor Freight or online. I do not know the size of the rail pins. The vertical supports try Ed Fox at EBN Services. He's awesome and cost effective.


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        excellent input....I have also found them called slotted clevis pins...I can get the e clips locally, just not the pins...thanks again!


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          Clevis pin, rings a bell. I think that might be the correct name for them.


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