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  • Durabowl Springs

    Our auto opener assemblies have spring 049007198. They're pretty easy to stretch into position.

    Recently we got some rebuild kits from QAMF and they came with spring 049007068 which is much stronger and has a slight kink in it, we think to help clear the underside of the pneumatic cylinder.

    What's the real reason for these stronger springs? Besides being MUCH more difficult to stretch into position when rebuilding the auto opener assemblies, it also seems like it would make it that much more difficult for the system to raise the bumpers.

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    Our bumpers are manual, no pneumatic cylinders and such, raised/lowered with the old steel hook.

    The springs you're talking about are the ones on the 2nd stanchion, correct? If so, those actually aid in raising the bumpers and they prevent the bumpers from slapping down when lowering.

    Ours are somewhat beefy springs, probably the 068 version, and they do have a kinked (more open) coil in the center of the spring. They can be a PITA to replace, lol.


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      With pneumatic openers the springs go all the way at the end by the pin deck. Set with no tension when they are down.


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        These are definitely not the return springs for the pin deck end, those are longer.


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