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Durabowl bumper issue


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  • Durabowl bumper issue

    Im a newbe to these durabowl bumpers. I have 1 that the first bumper rail broke by one of the holes. Also the arm that holds the rail is bent and needs to be replaced. How do I go about changing it? Theirs alot of pressure on the arms.

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    Raise the bumper rail, and put a short piece of 2x4 under it to hold it up.
    Remove all the pins the rail section and replace the rail.

    If the lift arm is bad, you will need to remove the gutter section to get access to the underside.
    There are clips and screws that hold the gutter down.


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      Wookie8662, To take out gutter section do I need to do anything with the shock or air? Cant I just replace the whole lower metal section and arm held in by screws?


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        I installed new arm and new rail but now my bumper bows at 3rd arm when coming up and same going down. I have all pins pretty loose so I know its not that. Any suggestions? Besides what AMF says about lubing it with wd40.


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          Sounds like something is binding somewhere. This can cause the rail to bow at the actuator assembly when the bumpers are being raised. Check that when you replaced the gutter that you seated the edge of it back into the bumper angle base at every upright arm. If it's not set in there just right, it will rest on top of the metal tabs where the lower pivot pins are and the upright arms might rub against the edge of the gutter. If the angle base sections are not lined up with each other, it can make it difficult to place the gutter back into place.


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            I will look into that. I know I had to make my own hole in the replacement bumper rail when I installed it also. The one where the shock goes to.


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              The hole you made needs to be elongated, not just a hole


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                I already have it pretty long. Thats not the problem, but I do know it with the cylinder arm. I unhooked all arms besides cylinder arm and it still does it.


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                  Did you compare the hole location to the original rail? Also hole needs to be elongated toward the pins, not the foul line. This allows the bumper to lay flat when in the down position. Hole needs to be elongated about 5/8".


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                    I have it elongated more than that. I believe more on the foul line side though, but it is in the same spot as the old one. I made sure of that.


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