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  • Kustodion issues

    Hey all

    im having some difficult with my kustodion (not sure which model but I'm thinking it's the model A ), just a quick story but back in 2015 the centre I'm working in closed due to business issues and has recently just opened this year in march so the kustodion has been sat there for 2 years doing nothing.

    Now I worked on this kustodion 3 years ago and was working fine before I had to leave and since coming back there as been a lot of issues and some guidance would be great because I have been out of bowling for 3 years and trying to recap. The issues it's having is that it is streaking really badly from half way down the lanes to the pit and not cleaning the back ends. I have also noticed that the spray jets aren't fully working as well and one maybe 2 sometimes don't work but I have tested the pipes while they aren't connected to the jets and they flow fine. The spray jets have had new filters in and the kustodion has had new squeeges replaced as well.

    Any help would be appreciated because it's the one thing I'm struggling to get my head around and would like to get this working fully again
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    I have seen dried cleaner build up inside the spray jet nozzles. Also check the filter inside the cleaner tank. Just because there is flow through the lines, it does not mean that there is enough pressure to go through the nozzle. If you become stumped, you can call Kegel at 1-800- 280-BOWL.
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      It is also possible that the pump itself has reached the end of its life. Without proper pressure, the check valves on the nozzles will not open properly.
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