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kegel flex walker: forward travel error


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  • kegel flex walker: forward travel error

    My flex walker will run the first 4-6 lanes just fine, but after that it forward travel errors on almost every lane as it enters the pit. Ive tried messing with the acceleration/deceleration trimpots to no avail, and i also messed the the lds setting in the system settings menu and that didnt seem to work either. anyone know what else i should check to get it running properly?

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    I'd be looking at the speed reading for the 10ips. I've had a similar problem with our non flex walker as it entered the lane. It was running below 10ips which then causes the error.
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      also, does the way it goes onto the lanes change when it starts failing -- as in too crooked or traveling to far back OFF the lane on the previous lane....?


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        I ran the auto adjust for the motor speed and the values were pretty off but the machine is still forward travel erroring after about 6 lanes. and the machine runs fine lane to lane and its not coming off the lane too far or anything like that. Basically the machine will enter the pit and get really slow and it wont even reach the end of the lane.


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          Same lane(s) or doesn't matter which end it starts from?


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            it doesnt matter where its started just seems to happen intermittently. i had it working the other day, but im oiling right now and its back on its bull crap


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              when it is running the voltage drops to about 22, is that a sign the battery is going bad?


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                mine will drop about 3 volts when running -- if on the approach at 26, it'll be 23 at various points going down the lane. Depends on what the brush rate, travel speed and such are since it fluctuates as the oil pump changes volume output as well.


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                  Pdot were you able to find the problem. My oiler has been doing the same thing


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                    Motor brushes worn out or the forward travel speed needs to be bumped up in the settings. Can't remember what the setting is called without looking at the menu but that was my issue. The machine would come to a crawl entering the deck and would error out. Call kegel and they will direct you to this speed setting pretty quick
                    Keep an eye on it see if it does it again


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